K & C Byrne Holidays, Isle of Colonsay

Terms & Conditions

We are concerned to establish and maintain high standards in our industry. In line with policy, our contact information is clearly provided on our website and on all written communications. Relevant additional detais are provided in information folders within the rental properties.

Our website and normal communications clearly indicate the total rental, and that we ask for a 25% deposit when making a reservation, the balance to be paid one month before arrival. We do not send out reminders, but we do not cancel confirmed reservations without contact. We accept provisional reservations for up to three years in advance, but these remain at "provisional" status until early December of the the preceding year, when the deposit should be paid before 15th December.

Cancellations: as soon as a deposit is paid there is a contractual obligation upon both parties - we have to provide the specified accommodations, our guests are committed to pay in full for the accommodation reserved, with any balance due to be paid one month before the start date. We very strongly recommend that our guests take out insurance or to make a conscious decision to "self-insure", in other words to understand that by saving the insurance premium they undertake to meet any loss from their own pocket. Having said that, we will do everything within our power to resell any cancelled accommodation in whole or in part, and any monies recouped in that way will be refunded entirely. We do NOT make any administrative charge and if the worst comes to the worst we will reduce the total rental by £50 per week, in respect of the savings in laundry and housekeeping.

Data protection: we do not share contact or other details about our guests, and we do not have any systems to manipulate such data. Any significant data (e.g. credit card details) are shredded immediately after use. We do sometimes circulate our guestlist with details of vacancies, but never more than two or three times in any year; our list is very small and it is a moment's work to remove any address upon request. To cope with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have given more detail on our Privacy page.

Legal obligations: we operate in accordance with all relevant legislation. Our properties are let exclusively for holiday purposes, and the lead guest is responsible for the good conduct of all members of the party.

Quality Assurance: our properties are inspected and evaluated on an independent basis by VisitScotland, the national tourist board.

Provisional reservations for future years: we are happy to accept provisional reservations for up to three years ahead. We accept that circumstances can change, and therefore tweaks or cancellations are not a problem. We only ask for confirmation, with a deposit, in early December in respect of the following year.

The Bottom Line: Good gracious, now even in Colonsay we have to worry about T&C, and PC procedure. Anyway, nothing has changed - we endeavour to provide our guests with good-value, comfortable and appropriate accommodation and to ensure that we are friendly, reasonably efficient and non-intrusive. We genuinely hope that our guests will have an enjoyable stay; it is our happy experience that our guests are thoughtful, friendly and inclined to make repeat reservations.

Please feel free to get in touch (ours is the white house beside the graveyard):

Kevin and Christa Byrne, Homefield House , Isle of Colonsay, Argyll PA61 7YR

Email: byrne@colonsay.eu or Phone 01951 200320 (International +44 1951 200320)